Saturday, 18 January 2014

Week 1, day 1, shopping fail!

Today is the first day of my weight loss programme, which meant shopping from a ready made list. Not entirely sure how I managed but instead of buying the steaks we were supposed to be having I ending up buying stewing steak - Oopsie! I reckon the stew I ended up making had a similar calorie count to the meal I was supposed to be making though, and to be honest it probably suited the weather better anyway, so win!
Today's official exercise was a 30 minute walk, which I managed to fit in before the rain came on.  There's a long and dull story attached to my walk involving Royal Mail incompetence but as I say, dull and boring, and a walk's a walk!
Slightly concerned  by the cost of this week's shop. I think it's probably just because it's the first week, and a lot of the stuff I bought will go in the freezer, but all the same, I may have to throw in some swaps in future to keep the cost down.

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