Tuesday, 14 January 2014

On a diet?

Well this is a first - I'm 'on a diet'!  I've signed up to the hairy bikers diet club which basically works the same way I approach weightloss anyway, ie on a straightforward calorie with lots of tasty home made food. I won't be starting my plan till Saturday as I'd already meal planned this week but as it happens, tonight tea was a hairy dieters recipe anyway. Peppers stuffed with feta and mushrooms which was tasty and got the thumbs up from Mr C too! 
On the exercise front I walked home from work tonight,for the first time this year. It was a bit chilly but not too knackering, so I'll be making a habit of that until the nights draw out a bit more and I can cycle to work without worrying whether my lights are bright enough.


  1. Who's Mr C, Mrs W ;-) - ATM

  2. Good question! My 'online' name is cathybabes so him indoors is mr cathybabes (not that he knows that!)