Saturday, 22 February 2014

A weigh in and a walk

Week 5 (?) weigh in and I've lost another 500g this week, and at this rate my BMI will be in the healthy category by next week. I do take BMI with a pinch of salt but it's not a bad benchmark, and means I'll hopefully be at target in another 4 weeks. I went for another townie walk today, through the eastern cemetery, Baxter park, up to the Hilltown clock then down the Hilltown into town. Stopped for a coffee and a muffin at caffe Nero and picked up some bargains in the millets closing sale, before walking home. Just over 6 miles of walking to burn the calories off from the muffin! Still, it's a mile more than last weekend so by October I should be more than ready for the 13 mile kiltwalk!
Just hope the weather picks up soon so I can get some more cycling in!,

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