Sunday, 29 June 2014

Monthly update - oops!

I really need to get better at updating this here blog! Not too much gardening at the moment as I'm committing as much time as is reasonable to cycling, now that the Coast to Coast trip is booked and paid for, and rapidly approaching! Today I completed my second ride to Arbroath, and this time without the help of a fish and chip lunch to keep me going. Instead I had a home made energy bite at Carnoustie on the way out (recipe here) and  made it as far as the Van Diner before stopping for a not exactly healthy Lorne roll and slice of carrot cake. Well, I had to wait for he rain to go off.....
For a chalet on a caravan park it's a pretty decent little cafe, and it's a really handy spot too. 
Broughty Ferry was pretty busy today as it's the start of gala week and there was a fete on in the park. Lots of people out and about at the yacht club and sailing club too so slightly tricky cycling along the shared use path. As long as you keep smiling and go really slow people are friendly enough, but not always very good at getting out of the way! 
Lots of birds and butterflies about, and some stretches of the route were looking particularly colourful with all the flowers out. I didn't take any flower pics but did get a snap of this heron in Arbroath.

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