Saturday, 17 May 2014

Long time no blog!

It really is easy to get out of the blogging habit isn't it? I've just had 2 weeks off work though, so plenty of pottering news! I'm still at least a month behind at the allotment but that's an improvement on where I was 2.weeks ago. I now have peas coming up, courgettes planted out and my leeks aren't far off being ready to plant out. Hopefully the netting will protect my peas from whatever's eating the decoy petunias! In knitting news, I've knitted a pair of socks on double pointed needles
It's a bit fiddly, but not as difficult as I thought, although I need to find another pattern as the heel is a bit odd! I bought the wool from one of the new wool shops that's opened in Dundee recently - it's called Fluph and stocks some pretty funky yarns, including the sock yarn I used for these socks. It's by a German brand called Schoppel wolle and is dyed in such a way that you get an identically patterned pair of socks once you've done some unwinding (instructions are on the 'flying saucer it comes on!).
I didn't get as much cycling in as I'd hoped, as I really had to prioritise the allotment. I cycled out to Carnoustie yesterday, and hit some pretty string wind on the way back. It was tough going but you just have to keep the gearing low and keep going really. I did stop at the Van Diner for a hot chocolate to break up the slog though. I've also now cycled all of the green circular, though admittedly not in one go! Templeton woods and Camperdown park are interesting when you have no suspension, but I did see a deer and heron on that run, without even leaving Dundee. You do see your city in a different light on two wheels!

It was my birthday, and our wedding anniversary, this week so we went out for dinner at the new fine dining restaurant in town, Castlehill. I think it's a good sign for Dundee that someone would even consider opening somewhere of this calibre here, rather than edinburgh or Glasgow. Not sure if it's the V&A effect or not, but whatever it is, there's definitely a bit of a buzz about the place just now!

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