Thursday, 27 March 2014

Ta dah!

I did threaten a knitting post so here goes - I finally finished the cardigan I started before Christmas, bar the buttons which need a trip to the wool shop! This picture actually makes it look brighter than it looks 'in the flesh'. I think it's what usually gets called aubergine. This was some wool a girl at work was giving away so basically a free cardigan and I'm pretty pleased with the result. It's quite boxy which I think looks good - no idea if that fashionable or not! I wouldn't rush to knit with such dark yarn again though as it was really hard on the eyes sewing it up!

I've also knitted a pair of wrist warmer for Mother's Day but no pic as they went in the post this morning! I now have a really fluffy blanket on the needles for the niece or nephew who's due to arrive in June.
This is what the finished product should look like, and because the yarn is really chunky it won't take long.

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