Sunday, 30 March 2014

Did it!

So I weighed in yesterday, and surprise surprise, I've hit my target weight a week earlier than expected! To celebrate, I had a wardrobe clear out today, and discovered several pairs of trousers I bought in sales a while ago finally fit. I'll be wearing the flowery jeggings for tomorrow's dress down day at work. As far as the hairy bikers diet club goes, I'll be keeping up my membership for a while yet - it's a handy way to meal/ exercise plan whilst I train for the Coast to Coast, and the forums will keep me on track too I reckon - I'm not just keeping the lbs off for me!
On the allotment front, the weathers been pretty rubbish of late so nothing planted yet, but I did order a load of seeds online last night. Hopefully the weather will pick up soon, but I can always sow some bits and bobs in the green house in the mean time.
Knitting wise I've made a decent start on the baby blanket so I should have a good stash of knitted things ready for beans' arrival in June. Once I've finished this ill move on to the debbie bliss bunny booties - I've already made a pair for a friend at work, so I know they'll be tricky but worth the effort I think

Cycling wise, I braved the wind yesterday to cycle to to Broughty Ferry. Not the most enjoyable ride, but at least I had the wind behind me coming home, and the fudge doughnuts in my basket helped! I've been sticking to the low gear, high cadence approach to hill climbs and this did get me up a hill I've never managed before - more molehill than mountain, and I was nearly sick at the top, but you have to start somewhere! A good power to weight ratio is important for hill climbs, so now that I've reduced the weight I need to build up my strength, which I think will mostly mean more cycling uphill to be honest! Bring on the hills.........

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