Sunday, 3 September 2017

Busy, busy, busy...

So, that quiet week of just decorating the kitchen I had planned....
I did paint the kitchen, and it looks much better if I do say so myself, though I really should have done proper before and after pics:

That's the gist - it's not quite finished, as I wasn't really up for pulling out the fridge to do that corner when we're planning on replacing it soon anyway, so I'll finish it then. Of course I now have my eyes on the dark varnished woodwork in the bedroom for my next project!
Between trips to the shops for gubbins and the time it takes to paint a kitchen I didn't fit in any cycling during the week, but Saturday turned out nice so we rode along to East Scryne for ice cream on Saturday afternoon. They'll be coming to the end of their season soon so that's my excuse for going back so soon after my last trip!
We were probably a little later setting off than planned thanks to a couple of beers on Friday night. I had a weizen called Tropical Ralphie from an Amsterdam brewery, Two Chefs. I'm not sure if the fact the brewery is owned by two former chefs is a factor, but it did go nicely with my pizza!

I followed that with a cherry goze, from Victory Beer, an American brewery with quite a long history as far as craft beer goes. Definitely a hint of cherry bakewell about this one, though not too sweet thankfully! I'd say it was actually a bit pinker than it looks in the picture...
After a week of painting I decided to treat myself to a cinema trip on Friday. The independent cinema in town was showing Moon dogs, a Scottish/Welsh/Irish produced coming of age road trip comedy. It was either going to be terrible or brilliant, and I'm pleased to report I really enjoyed it. The Anton Newcombe soundtrack helped - music could make or break a film like this, and the shots of Up Helly Aa were well done. And the best bit? I had enough points on my loyalty card to get in for free - bonus!
Now for the unexpected turn of twitter profile must have me marked as a beer and cycling type - funny that eh? During the week, someone tagged me into a post about a competition Adnams were running for VIP hospitality tickets for the Tour of Britain road cycling race. As the opening stage started in Edinburgh I thought why not give it a go, and what do you know? On Friday I got an email from them to say I'd won two tickets for the breakfast club! The only slight downside is that we had to leave here at 7am to get there, but it was worth the early start. As well as a complimentary breakfast and programme we got a prime spot by the start line, so now I have about 200 photos of men in lycra, including Cav and Geraint Thomas - one for the cycling fans there!

Just a small selection there! Of course this was also the opening weekend for the Queensferry Crossing, so we drove across the Forth Road Bridge, probably for the last time, whilst hundreds of people got to walk across the new bridge before it opens to traffic.

So much for a quiet week, but we've had a great time today, and now I'm off for an early night!

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