Sunday, 24 September 2017

Anyone for hip hop brunch?

I’ve been pretty busy at work this week so it was nice to follow it up with a pretty chilled out weekend. On Friday night I finally got round to cracking open the can of Common Grounds I’ve had in the fridge for a while now. A triple coffee porter made with 7 different malts and 7 different coffees, it’s one of the sweetest, creamiest coffee beers I’ve had -  not my first can, and hopefully not my last!

Magic Rock really know what they’re doing when it comes to can art!
Yesterday I went to a yoga workshop called ‘From movement to stillness’. Well, the first hour was yoga, the second hour was ‘sound meditation’. I have to be honest, I go to yoga for the stretching and strength building, not so much the spiritual enlightenment, so I can’t say I connected with the vibrations of Mother Earth, but it was quite relaxing!
Today I went with a more conventional bit of chilling - we wandered into town for brunch at a place I’ve heard good things about but not yet visited. Bird and bear is a cocktail bar with a food menu, and at the weekend they do a ‘hip hop brunch’. I’m not exactly into hip hop, but I suspect Mr B himself would approve of  the old school beats being spun by the resident DJ. I say spun, but the record player may have been for show 😉. Just the right level of laid back for anyone nursing a hangover I’d imagine! The chorizo hash I had would no doubt help too! It was no surprise to discover the artwork on the menus was by local artist Whimsical Lush - with the birdcages and intricate copper pipe work walking in felt a little like walking into one of her drawings 😊

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