Sunday, 30 July 2017


I went on an art hunt yesterday! Open/Close Dundee is a new street art project with artists decorating doors in some pretty odd locations around town. It definitely felt odd wandering around the alleys and closes of Dundee city centre, camera in hand, but it was worth it! I didn't find all of them but these are the ones I did locate:

The last one's not part of the project, Hawkhill Brewery already had a mural on their wall. Quite an array of different styles there! As an aside, I think Sugarhouse Wynd might be my favourite Dundee street name.....

I got well and truly drenched on the bike today. The forecast was for heavy showers to be fair, but I thought I'd chance it anyway. I made it along to Monifieth and back to Broughty Ferry before the heavens opened.  The sky was looking pretty ominous by the time I passed the Van Diner
And by the time I got to Broughty Ferry castle I could see exactly what I was about to ride through

Weird seeing the edge of the rain! Luckily I had my rain jacket, but it took approximately 10 seconds for my feet to be soaked through.  It had actually gone off by the time I got to grassy beach but that wouldn't be much consolation to all the people I passed on the way, dressed for summer! Funnily enough, facebook reminded me that it's a year to the day since we had pretty much the same experience cycling up the Law...

And of course it's turned into a lovely sunny evening!

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