Sunday, 16 July 2017

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Well, it's going to be a short one this week - not a single beer has been drunk! Good job we had a club ride today otherwise I'd have absolutely nothing to report...
Ian, who plans most of our rides, was away for the weekend so Paul asked me for a route.  Naturally I opted for the flat, road ride with a fab cafe in the middle.  We passed loads of other riders whilst we were out so I'm obviously not the only one who likes this route 😉
I set off from home around 10, and met Patrick along the way -always nice to have unplanned company when you're battling a headwind! We made it to the meeting point, the Riverside Inn, pretty much dead on 10.30 and set off West towards Errol with Douglas, Dina, Paul and Dave. Blair and Dave M were setting off from Monifieth and said they'd meet us on the road - which they did, and promptly flew right past us, obviously in a hurry to get their coffee....

Apart from the wind it was a pretty trouble free ride, with one stop to pump up a flat-ish tyre, and only one drink/fuel stop required on the way to the cafe.
Some club members take the whole 'club' thing more seriously than others - there's no way I was going to spend £40 on another jersey when I've already got more than I could ever need, but I suppose it does look quite smart.
I feel like I'd look 'all the gear, no idea' in club kit to be honest!
We got to the cafe just before noon, so I could have ordered from the breakfast menu, but the call of the haggis toastie was too strong to resist. I did manage to resist the cakes though, which was good as it meant I could have a home made scone with a cuppa once I got home 😆
Happy to report, I seem to have finally cracked scone making. I even made some spur of the moment, cheese and prosciutto scones at the community cafe, with no recipe, or scales, and they actually turned out okay if I do say so myself! Savoury scones are definitely underrated - warm from the oven, slathered in butter...I'm drooling just thinking about them 😋
I may have to stay away from twitter for the rest of today - the reveal of a female Dr Who is going to cause an internet meltdown isn't it? Though, actually from what I've seen the number of people who can't cope with this bit of casting are massively outnumbered by the people who are really excited by the change of direction.  Much though I like Dr Who, I do find it strange that grown men (and it is mostly men) get so invested in what is frankly a kid's show. It is a weird world we live in!

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