Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hooray for Hollywood

No cycling to report so far, so this week's installment will cover beer, bakes and erm breakfast.

First beer of the weekend was an imperial stout that didn't quite live up to expectations to be honest.

It's not the best picture, but the beer is Black Chocolate Stout by Brooklyn Brewery. It was okay but a bit thin for a 10% impreial stout and just didn't quite deliver on the promised chocolate flavour.

Saturday was more of an English Ales kind of night.  We were at a retirement do in a village hall with no bar so a bring your own kind of affair - I took a bottle of Old Speckled Hen (reliable) and a Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale I'd picked up in Morrisons. It's brewed by Charles Wells who are a pretty old brewery but this is definitely one of their newer beers.  It was actually pretty good with plenty of caramel flavour.  Too sweet to drink more than one, but then I've never managed a second helping of Sticky Toffee Pudding either!
After a night out on Saturday, what better way to start your Sunday than with a bacon roll and a film?  Clearly we weren't the only ones to think that, as the 11am Cine Sunday showing of La La Land at DCA was sold out, with staff struggling to serve all those bacon or egg rolls and coffee before the opening credits rolled. I don't go to the pictures much anymore so I'm always a little concerned it's going to be a disappointing experience (yes Deadpool - I'm looking at you...) but I needn't have worried. La La Land is an old fashioned romance, but it's really a love story about Hollywood and the glory days of  musicals as much as it is about the two leads.  The opening song and dance number is a pretty good way of letting the audience know what they're in for for the next two hours, so at least if it's not your thing you are given due warning!  I'm pleased to report I loved it 😁
We left the cinema ready for lunch, and fancied trying somewhere different so headed to
Coffee and Co for soup followed by a scone- slightly overbaked, but the spicy carrot soup was good.  Another decent little cafe for Dundee is always a good thing, so hopefully they'll do well.

La La Land wine - why not?!?

We decided to walk home from town via Majestic Wines - this one insisted on coming home with me....

About a year ago hubby dearest won a voucher for a meal at The Fisherman's Tavern  - we decided a Sunday night in January was the perfect time to use it.  We had delicous steaks and couldn't say no to the dessert menu - especially when one of the choices was sticky toffee pudding.  A proper old fashioned pudding in a proper old fashioned pub!

So, a weekend of much eating and drinking, but we did walk more than 20 miles over the course of the two days so I guess that makes up for it!

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