Sunday, 29 October 2017

Blinded by the light

Just back from a distinctly autumnal bike ride. We didn't set off till 3ish, so the ride back from Monifieth was almost entirely into a low, autumn sun. Glorious, but a bit tricky actually seeing where you're going!

It was a little breezy when we set off but Broughty Ferry Harbour was like a millpond by the time we passed. We stopped at the Bay Diner for a hot drink - this has been a regular stop in the past, but as most of our rides this year have been either in Fife, or heading West we hadn't been in at all this year. It's a handy stop off for a shorter ride though, so now that the clocks have gone back we might manage one or two more trips before the end of the year!

After last weekend's epic Brewdogathon you'd think it would be the last place I'd want to go, but I had a voucher for beer and pizza that was at risk of running out unused, so we headed down for tea on Friday night. It's not often I have their 'headliner' beers, apart from Jet Black Heart, but the deal was a pizza each, with either a bottle of prosecco to share or a headliner flight each. I went with Dead Pony Club, Kingpin lager, 5am Saint and Jet Black Heart to go with my White Trash pizza - a four cheese pizza with spinach and walnuts. I'm not generally a lager drinker, but of the four beers, the Kingpin went best with the pizza - a clean, crisp lager, without a bunch of hops to compete with the flavour of the cheese. I'd have to say, my tastes must have changed since I first checked in Dead Pony Club on untappd as I don't think I'd give it 4/5 any more. It's fine - just not to my taste.
They did still have some collabfest beers left so I had another fumin' lou for the road. I could have gone with the sour cherry porter they had left too, but we made the sensible decision to go and get the bus instead!
It's not a pretty beer, but it's darn tasty!

There used to be a hotel and restaurant about half an hours walk away that we went to a few times before it closed. It's since been converted to flats, so when my friend messaged me to say they were having an open viewing on the last available flat I couldn't resist going to have a look! Going by the position we figured out it was in what would have been the kitchen. Nicely done but tiny. Not that we're looking to move any time soon, but it would have been far too compact for us anyway. A kitchen/diner/lounge the size of our living room would be fine in a holiday apartment but not to live in full time.  Of course, the main reason we went was because it's only another 10 minutes walk to Jessie's Kitchen, and we hadn't had lunch there in ages. I had a very nice tuna melt followed by a slice of toffee victoria sponge - no need for a big evening meal after that! Even found a hipster cycling magazine to read 😁

We bought a stash of interesting beers when we were down in Newcastle to celebrate my youngest brother's wedding, and one of them was slightly out of date, so I obviously had to drink that whilst watching the Strictly Halloween special. The beer - a sweet, creamy, white coffee stout lived up to expectations better than Strictly, which was a bit of an anti climax compared to some past halloween episodes.

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